Churchfields Vanilla (500ml)


Churchfields ice cream is handmade on the farm, using milk from their pedigree herd – available in different flavours.


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The cows are milked twice a day which means they have access to the freshest milk. This is then taken into a micro dairy to be pasteurised along with locally sourced double cream.

The ice cream is manufactured using a traditional batch freezer which means it is the highest quality, with
very little air added. These small batches also give the ability to produce a wide range of flavours and
experiment with the seasons. Combine this with the best ingredients and you get luxury award-winning ice cream.

Certified by SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval); a nationally recognised food safety certification scheme demonstrating that Churchfields operate robust and effective food safety standards. Manufacturing process is HACCP controlled, and pasteurisation process is verified by One Scientific. All products are fully traceable.

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