Mahir’s Street Food and Dinner Box (serves 4) SPECIAL DELIVERY 13TH MARCH


Perfect Mother’s Day Afternoon Tea for Two



Dhokla (v) – Steam cooked lentil savoury cake made with gram flour and cooked with mustard seeds & coriander. Served with condiments. Alergens: Mustard

Potato Pattie (v) – Fried potato stuffed with mint, paneer & green peas. Allergens: Gluten, Dairy, Celery

Potli Samosa (v) – Traditional mini Punjabi samosas stuffed with tasty potatoes & vegetables. Allergens: Gluten, Sesame

Pulled Chicken Tikka Wrap – Delicious tender ‘slow cooked’ tandoori chicken tikka ‘pulled’ and served in a wrap. Allergens: Dairy, Gluten

Keema Pav – An alternative version of a fanous street food served all across India. Quality flavoursome lamb mince cooked with pettit pois in a spicy & tangy onion masala. Served with toasted bread rolls. Allergens: Dairy, Gluten

Pav Lamb Taka Tak – Slow cooked lamb cooked in a blend of South Indian spices. Another great filling for our pavs! Allergens: Mustard

Home Baked Scones – Traditional English Tea Time Scones served with strawberry preserve and clotted cream. Allergens: Gluten

Gajrella Biscuit Base (v) – Tradiotional Indian carrot sweet dish topped with  rushed pistachios & served on a “Cheesecake-esque” biscuit base. Allergens: Gluten, Diary, Nuts

Royal Chai (v) – Instant Premium Masala Tea to complete your afternoon hugh chai experience!



Aunty’s Traditional Sarson Ka Saag (v) – A traditional Punjabi favourite made using a famous Old family recipe. Delicious fresh spinach made by our mum for you & yours. Allergens: Dairy

Daal Panchraghi (v) – Five mixed lentils slow cooked with spices. A delightful & flavoursome combo creating the perfect t dish to accompany your meal. Allergens: Dairy

Karahi Chicken – Tender pieces of chicken thigh cooked in a Punjabi sauce infused with fresh green peppers & onions. Allergens: none

Tawa Roti (v) – Traditional thin light whole wheat bread cooked on a Tawa. Allergens: Dairy, Gluten

Dahi Raita (v) – Yogurt infused with fresh dry roasted cumin & spices. Allergens: Dairy

Coconut Kheer with Jalebi Pretzels (v) – Coconut rice pudding dish made with basmati rice, while milk, sugar, cardamom, coconut flakes, raisins, sliced almonds and topped with jalebi pretzels. Allergens: Dairy, Nuts