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Apple and Pear Juice

In the late 90s Charlie and Jane had an idea. The English apple and pear market had collapsed and fruit was worth very little per lb. They decided to make apple juice; first sending it across the river to Pershore to be pressed and then making on site. A pack press was purchased in 2001 along with the pasteurisation and bottling equipment. We started with single variety juices to get the basics right then worked our way up to making blended juice. In 2010 we swapped our pack press for a triple roller belt press and our bath pasteurisers for a flash pasteuriser.

What makes our juice unique?

We hand pick all our apples and pears which are carefully pressed using the right speed and tension depending on the fruit. We add ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to help the juice hold its colour. Our products are 100% juice, no added water, chemicals or sugar like most commercial apple juices.

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